Our innovation enables a heat transfer pathway to the ultimate heatsink: space. Our technology can transfer heat to space, or more generally the upper atmosphere, as thermal radiation, and can cool objects to below the ambient air temperature, with zero electricity for this cooling effect.

Sending heat to the sky, known as radiative or sky cooling, was made possible because of a unique feature of Earth’s atmosphere: the sky is partially transparent to thermal radiation. 

Innovation: Our core innovation is a renewable way of improving the efficiency of refrigeration and cooling systems. This efficiency improvement is enabled by roof-mounted, fluid-cooling, panels that employ specialized nanophotonic surfaces to reject heat from fluids passing through it to outer space. The cooling effect, known as radiative sky cooling, requires zero electricity and does not evaporate water to occur. The fluid cooling panels will be an add-on to the condenser side of any vapor compression-based refrigeration or cooling system, and can dramatically improve the system efficiency, 24 hours a day. Compared to current technologies in this space that require the evaporation of water, or the use of electricity, our technology is a renewable and evaporation-free approach to cooling.